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Shared Gmail Labels

  • Tandem synchronises Gmail amongst various collaborators in under 2 minutes
  • Can share a label with unlimited collaborators
  • Can create unlimited sub-labels

Label Email Address/Group mailing

  • Email addresses assigned to labels can be shared with external partners, conversation using these are then automatically shared with entire team
  • Each Tandem shared label comes with own email address
  • Using Google Apps marketplace, enables you to have a custom address like <labelname>@<your_domain>.com

Easy Administration

  • One click Google Apps installation
  • Easy addition & removal of users to shared labels
  • Integrated billing (one person can pay for all users)

What our users use us for?

Project Management

  • Create and share labels for the various project tasks with appropriate teams.
  • When a new member joins, share this label with him to get him to access all relevant historical information.

Customer Support

  • Create labels with various categories of the queries.
  • Share label email ID with your customer.
  • When a customer emails, the query is shared with the entire team.
  • Automatically track entire all customer conversations
  • Using  sub-labels assigned tasks to team member and track current status.

Sales / Hiring

  • Create separate shared labels of existing accounts.
  • Share the label email ID with your customer.
  • Any communication from this customer is immediately shared with the whole team.


(30 days free trial)

Gmail Only

Subscribe with your Gmail Account
$5/user / month
  • Real Time Sync
  • Unlimited Labels
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • label email addresses
  • Team billing
  • Chrome extension
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Google Apps (Direct)

Requires NO domain admin. Great for small teams in large domains.
  • Real Time Sync
  • Unlimited Labels
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • label email addresses
  • Team billing
  • Chrome extension
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Fast and Secure like Gmail

Gmail Secure

  • No passwords required
  • Manage authorization via Google security or your Google Apps console
  • Runs on same infrastructure as Gmail

Built for Google Apps

  • Manage installation via Google Apps Admin and Marketplace
  • Add users or remove users via admin console
  • Single Sign On

Google Secure. Built on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Built on entirely Google Cloud Platform.
  • Fully encrypted.
  • All data stored on Google Servers.
  • Runs on high-speed Google Network.