Tandem has also gained popularity with lawyers. Lawyers need to keep their team working on particular case abreast with the latest information and ensure that everyone has the same information and keep the whole process paperless at the same time! Tandem does it for them extremely smoothly. It helps organizing emails within a team case by case and also can keep the information about closed cases. When the information about an ongoing or closed case has to be shared with a new lawyer on the team, the label can directly be shared without missing any important emails and without having to spend time over organizing and collecting the emails.




As an example a sample structure as shown above has been created to show what Tandem can do for a law firm and how it can organize humongous numbers of emails. This structure can be shared with the team and viola! everyone has access to the same information and of all the conversations taking place on the email threads. Once the case is closed the sub label belonging to the case can be shifted under label ‘CLOSED’ and then you have a history you can refer back to you, but at the same time does not clutter up your inbox and can be shared with anyone else in future in case it needs to be referred back to .

Another of our features that can be of massive use, is that every label has a unique email ID assigned to it which includes the name of the label and the address is @<<<yourdomain.com>>>, you can share this with your client and all his emails will directly come to the shared label and all you have to do is put them in the sublabel belonging to the correct case. In this case, the first label for example will have an email called case_bradputt@<<lawfirm.com>> , when Brad Putt sends and email to you discussing a matter about his case, it will directly reach the shared label.

Lawyers are also extremely concerned about security. We run on Google servers, all your emails remain on Gmail servers and hence Tandem is as secure as your Gmail is.