Real estate


Tandem is extremely popular with Real Estate Agencies. We talked to many of our real estate customers to know exactly which pain points does Tandem take care for them. From this information we gathered, it is important in the real estate business for all the agents handling a particular property to be updated with the latest development with regards to any prospective client. Sometimes multiple real estate agencies team up together to sell a particular property where it becomes even more important to be updated with latest developments. So whenever an agent receives an email from a client, he will have to ensure that he keeps other agents updated on the developments of that property. This can be quite a cumbersome task and for sure has chances of misses or worse delays! Tandem completely solves this issue in the most simple way.

Using Tandem the agents can create shared labels between the team that is handling a particular property.  If required these labels can also be shared by external partners from other real estate agents. Once such a shared labels is created and an email is dropped into this label, ALL the conversations linked to that email directly land in this shared label and are in turn shared with all the label collaborators thereby nullifying the chances of information being lost.

Tandem also provides unique label email IDs to every shared label and these can be given to the clients whose emails then always come into the shared label and keep your inbox free and information in your team in sync.