Getting a Google Apps account cost money. It cost $5 per user per month. While this might not be a big amount in itself, $50 per user per per year can get expensive for a start up. Even for more mature organisations, sometimes they want an account just to receive group emails with no use of additional advantages offered by Google Apps Account or Work. Tandem offers a very intelligent solution for this. Every shared labels that is created gets an email ID assigned to it for free. If you have installed Tandem on your domain, the shared labels will also have your domain address example if your domain is and you have a shared label call ‘support’, the email ID of this label will be . And you get this email ID completely for free! Any email sent to this email ID will be shared with all the collaborators of the label. Hence you can now stop creating additional Google Apps email accounts and also stop logging into a number of google apps sessions. You can get ALL emails to your own account or to the email IDs of your shared labels in your single inbox! Phew! doesn’t that make life much easier!