Being successful at real estate is all about being fast to respond to customer needs. It not only requires IT to enable the on field agents via mobile devices, but also basic tools for agents to win the businesses to start with.

G Suite (formaly Google Apps) has a lot of customers in Real Estate from various geographies. Read why some of the biggest real estate agencies around the globe have chosen Google Apps: Keller Willams “Going Google” for their 90000 real estate agents: and also Leading UK property company switches from Lotus Notes to G Suite (formally Google Apps)


Real-time Communication & Collaboration

With G Suite (formally Google Apps) you get best in class tools:

  • Gmail: The best email experience. With products like Tandem – Shared Gmail Labels  ( and Streak CRM ( to further enhance it.
  • Google Drive: –  You also get robust document management, agents can easily access, edit and share files in real-time.
  • Google Calendar: The calendar tool lets agents quickly schedule meetings internally as well as with clients. Agents can even include an address in the calendar invite to receive directions while on the road, great for meeting clients at a listing!

Work from Anywhere

With G Suite (formally Google Apps), your agents are empowered to work from anywhere, on virtually any device.  This increases productivity, efficiency, and allows your agents to close more deals. The advantages for working in Gmail are:

  • Mobile Apps: For individual tools like Gmail, Drive, etc both of iOS and Android
  • Browser Enhancements: Chrome extensions for various functionalities
  • Email Clients: Gmail also works with a traditional email client like Outlook.

Administration is a Simple

Admins can manage users and their devices through a simple admin interface. They can roll out new apps via G Suite (formally Google Apps) Marketplace ( )

  • No infrastructure: Add as many users as you need without paying upfront for infrastructure
  • Mobile Device Management: With a few clicks of a mouse, IT personnel can quickly add/remove, locate, and even wipe data from lost or stolen devices. Spend less time and money on managing your IT.

How are real estate agents using Tandem – Shared Gmail Labels ?

Tandem turns your Gmail Labels (Folders) into Shared Labels along with individual email addresses for the label. It allows your entire team to work together on a property or on an area. This makes sure that even if your primary agent is busy, your team can respond fast and win together.

Successful real estate teams are using tandem in following ways:

  • Create Labels by Geography: Manage all the property listings and communicate with clients in the way you have organized teams by regions, for example you can have labels by 50 states in US.

Real estate

  • Create Labels by Property: You can also create labels by each property like below. Manage all emails from prospective clients using the Shared Label like below: Labels by Property


  • Manage the process: Manage client emails by putting these emails into labels which describe the the stage of progress they are in eg. ‘Prospects’, ‘Interested’, ‘Ongoing Deal’, ‘Archived’. You can use sub-folders to manage this. Sub folders in tandem are automatically shared.