Data Security

FAQ on Data Security

  • Tandem is entirely run on Google Cloud Platform (same data centers) where Gmail is run, so this provides very good network security as emails sync between Tandem and Gmail never leave Google Network. You can learn more about GCP security at
  • For each main label (incl. sub labels), we store zipped emails in Google Cloud Storage in a individual bucket, which only are access by Tandem servers keys. These are stored for the duration of the label you have, emails and the bucket are deleted as soon as you delete the label. GCS encrypts stored documents at Rest using AES 256. You can read more at:
  • In our application Database (Google Cloud Datastore) only metadata, eg. threadId, messageId is stored, which is used for synchronisation
  • All data transfer is using SSL, even between Gmail servers and our servers
  • In case of security questions please email us at team[at]